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Welcome to The Grooming Studio


Pamper your pet today. Located in Holyport, Maidenhead.



Our Services

Bronze Dog Grooming Package-The Maintenance Groom

This groom is ideal to maintain your dogs coat in between full grooms. Ideal for any dog owner wishing to maintain a breed standard style or to keep on top of those more difficult coat types.


- Bath with 2 shampoo's

- Conditioning treatment

- Coat blast (de-shed) and blow dry

- Brush and comb through the coat

- Ear cleaning and nail trim. 

  From £30.00

This package does not apply to double coated or shedding breeds as most of the work is in the brushing, de sheding and drying. An example would be Sheltie, Pomeranian, Spitz types would be a Gold groom

We specialise small to medium size breeds

Silver Dog Grooming Package-
The Maintenance Groom and a bit more...

- Bath including 2 shampoo's

- Deep coat conditioning treatment

- Coat blast and blow dry

- Brush and comb through

- Face, feet and bum trim

- Ears cleaned

- Nails clipped or filed.

This groom is ideal in between a Gold full groom, to maintain your dogs coat.

From £37.00

This package does not apply to double coated or shedding breeds as most of the work is in the brushing, de sheding and drying. An example would be Sheltie, Pomeranian, Spitz types would be a Gold groom

Gold-Groom Full Dog Groom Package


This grooming package is amazing! Let's look at what your dog is getting in this complete package.

Gold includes:

- A bath with two shampoo treatments

- Antibacterial facial scrub (this removes all the eye muck, reduces tear staining and removes dirt and food from around the mouth area (great for hairy breeds)

- A deep coat conditioning treatment, - A coat blast (high velocity dryer that removes dead skin cells, dead coat and under coat)

-  Blow dry

- Brush and comb the coat through, removing minimal knots.

-The hair cut, trim, style, clip and or scissor cut required

- Eye and ear cleaning

- Nail clipping or filing.


Prices from £47.00 depending on breed, size and coat type.

All grooming packages also include the following: Every dog gets a coat shine spray and a spritz of Pawfume.

Platinum Dog Grooming Package-The Works

This is the Ultimate One! The complete grooming package. Everything in the gold package plus 20 mins Ultrasound teeth cleaning treatment. Keep on top of your dogs teeth, book a deep clean with every groom. Preventing a build up of plaque and tartar, will help keep your dogs oral health in tip top condition.

Add £20.00 to your groom, for this amazing teeth cleaning treatment, with amazing results. This price is for maintenance cleaning with a groom.

Please contact the Studio if your dogs teeth need sessions, to get teeth and gums clear. Click here for more details!

Dog Teeth Cleaning
Ultra-Sound teeth cleaning system.  


Do you clean your dogs teeth every day? Dogs need regular teeth cleaning, to prevent problems like tartar and plaque build up which can lead to gum disease.


Dogs feel tooth decay and pain just like we do. 

Let the Grooming Studio take care of your dogs teeth. You can find out more by checking out the page here

Hand Stripping-Small Terriers 


This is a technique removing dead hair using stripping tools and or using the thumb and fingers. Perfect for terriers where clipping is not wanted. The benefits of hand stripping is to retain colour and texture in the terrier coat. 

The coat must be fully blown and therefore ready to hand strip. Please call The Grooming Studio to book a coat check. 

£35.00 per hr

Puppy Grooming

Puppy grooming should be started after your puppy has completed their course of puppy vaccinations. This is to get your puppy used to grooming from a young age. Please contact The Grooming Studio for advice on all your puppies grooming requirements. 

You can book your first grooming taster session today, or take a look at Puppy Grooming School! Where you can book a block of 5 grooms and save up to £20.

For more information check out the page here. Individual puppy grooming sessions are from £30



At the Grooming Studio here in Maidenhead we believe that your dogs welfare comes first. And to give you and your dog the best experience, a full consultation is the best way for me to  really start to get to know your dog, and what hair style or clip you would like to achieve?

The Grooming Studio will offer a coat and health check on arrival, and assess the condition of your dogs coat and any possible matting that has formed. Badly matted coats may be subject to a clip off for the welfare of your dog. This will be discussed in full and a clip off disclaimer will need to be signed before the groom will proceed. A premium of £10 is added to the price of the groom for this service. Note that severe matting if not removed can lead to skin condtions and is very uncomfortable for your dog. The Grooming Studio's mantra is always humanity over vanity. The Grooming Studio cannot be held liable for any underlying skin conditions due to a badly matted coat.

To keep ontop of your dogs coat we have lots of grooming packages to assist you with maintaining a knot free dog.

If you would like to find out more about our fabulous grooming treatments for your dog please call or email



The Grooming


Hello and welcome to The Grooming Studio in Holyport, Maidenhead.


I'm Sally, I have over 20yrs experience in the grooming industry, and this is little bit about me and my career in grooming.

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I first started my grooming career when I was 21. I trained at the London Academy of Grooming, where I obtained my diploma in canine beautician skills. After my course, I decided that I wanted to open my own salon called Allbreeds Dog Grooming. This was when I really fell in love with grooming and where I gained my experience to perfect my skills over the coming years.

After 9 years of running a successful business, I decided to take a break to spend more time with my daughter.

Then in 2011, I went back into grooming, taking a Job as Salon Manager for one of the biggest salon chains. 

And although I had years of experience in grooming, here is where I gained the skills in training other groomers and managing a busy salon environment. But something was missing and I needed to get back out there again on my own, running my own salon again, back where I belonged! I have added to my personal career development over the years, attending seminars, completing my canine first aid, attending competitions and I am a member of PIF, BDGA and BIDGA.

The Grooming Studio in Holyport, Maidenhead, is here and ready to groom your best friend! I look forward to meeting with you and your pets to discuss your grooming requirements.  


I offer an exclusive selection of bespoke pet-grooming services and spa treatments to ensure that your precious companion looks and feels its very best, I offer Breed Standard trims as well as contemporary styles, including the cute teddy style.


Click on my facebook or Instagram, to view my portfolio.

To discuss all your grooming requirement's, please call me on: 

01628 564 249 / 07519 391 245 


I look forward to meeting you and your pet soon.

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